Proper Posture: Difficulties In Holding In My Tummy And Breathing

City: southampton
Country: United Kingdom
: I find that your advice is easy to follow and inspiring, however I just can’t seem to walk and sit in an elegant mannor, holding my tummy in means I find it hard to breath properly, as the tummy needs to go in and out when breathing.Can we have some pictures of ladylike sitting.


Hi Rose,

Thank you for your email.

Yes, I struggle with my posture too. It is hard to undo all my bad habits and train my body well. But it is worth it because we will be in better health and prevent future back problems.

Sometimes when you suck your tummy in, it doesn’t work if you have rounded shoulders. This means that your back is not completely straight. Your shoulders must somewhat be back and in a relaxed position.

I wore a back brace and a lumbarwear for a while to train my body to “remember” the correct position.

backbrace is to keep your upper back in the right position and the lumbarwear is to keep your lower back in position. You need not rely on these products but I got them because I was doing research, but they are an option.

Other reasons may be because our stomach muscles are weak, therefore unable to hold our posture right, and we also struggle to hold the stomach in. My auntie is in her 60s and her back is weak because of the usual wear and tear, plus, she is not fond of exercise. As a result of her weak back, all it takes is to lift something heavy and she can throw her back off for weeks. She hence had to do some minor exercise like walking or swimming that will strengthen her stomach muscles to hold her posture right, and she now relies on her stomach muscles to protect her back.

Holding your tummy in is some sort of an exercise as well. Just like in ballet, they are always telling you to hold your tummy in. After a while, it becomes very natural because they develop strong muscles and go through life with that posture – one of them is Audrey Hepburn. She had good posture and gracefulness for life!

Also, sucking your tummy in does not mean you suck it in until you cannot breathe, but rather you simply hold it in, just like how sergeants do with their chest out – toning it down a few notches. Holding in your tummy is like if you were wearing a new dress and you do not want your tummy to ‘hang’ out, or like the way girls do when they wear a bikini, how they hold their tummy in to make it look “flatter”.

So check your back to see perhaps it is not straight (and not too curved) – as the pictures in my site under poise and posture. I’ve attached a few pictures for you as well. Also, if you do not do exercise regularly, get a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps a day – this includes all the general walking we do around the home, office etc. This will strengthen your back muscles and sometimes good posture comes naturally.

It is worth also seeing a chiropractor or physiotherapist so that you’ve got some hands on (the chiropractor’s hands) your posture, tailored to your own needs to get the best posture.

Poise & Posture

Poise & Posture

Warm regards, Eunice

Her Very Beautiful Response – I thought it deserved some spotlight.

First Name: Rose
Country: United Kingdom
: Dear Eunice,

Thank you so much for answering my question about good posture, your reply was a lovely surprise, because it came back so quickly.  I wish I were as efficient.  One of the reasons for my delay in getting back to you was because I wasnot quite sure how to express what I wish to say.  I have always been interested in beauty things, or more to the point how anyone can make the best of their appearance.

Over the years I have been more and more aware that there is something more to just looking your best.  That there are so many things affecting our appearance, meaning the way our heart and mind works, meaning a plain woman with a beautiful personality can actually be more visually attractive than a beautiful woman with an ugly nature and manners.

I am a Christian and have always thought that every part of our life should reflect the Lord and His beauty, so that society, our friends and family may see something special in how we conduct our lives, and even how we look.  Some people would think perhaps a Christian should not be worrying about our appearance, calling it vain and proud, however, I think that He would want us to look and act elegant, not tarty or dolly bird like, but making the most of how we look, I know that with a bit of makeup and looking my best, I actually hardly think of how I look, but when I am looking a mess, my mind is on myself, also I do look pale and insipid without a bit of makeup on.  I have a lovely neice who always looks lovely and she is a sight for sore eyes to look at and always cheers me up.

Your site is by far the best I have ever seen or read and really inspires me to do better in all areas of my life, I hope you are never too busy to carry on with this, I have been printing off bits to give to my friends who do not have the internet or a computer and I know that it has encouraged them to live better lives as women.

I really feel that it is God’s will in this day for us women to start acting like ladies, not drippy door mats who drink with their finger in the air.  I get excited every time I go on your site, looking for something else you may have added or reading bits all over again.

Quite a few years ago, I was at church and an old man got up and said that he felt that God was saying something to us.  He was old fashioned, kind and certainly not the sort of person you would imagine would like feminine aids, like pretty clothes or makeup etc., He said something that I have never forgotten and which sent goose bumps down my spine, he said that God wants to give us the Heavenly Glamour, well, as I have said glamour is not a word that the old chap would have used, but it gave me a picture that perhaps if possible God would want us women to have that special something, polish or shine, grace, the list is endless and when I read the things that you are saying, it gives me a glimpse of that heavenly glamour,elegance and poise, I guess that something is something you and I are certainly looking for so please keep up the good work and thank you.

with best wishes Rose

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